Vehicle Storage in Georgia

Have you found yourself with an RV parked on your property for entirely too long? Does your modestly sized boat take up a less-than-modest portion of your garage? Self storage may be the best solution for you, and we are happy to offer large, exterior parking spaces for your oversized vehicles. Trucks, campers, RVs, boats, trailers. Our parking spaces are large enough to comfortably fit a variety of personal, oversized vehicles that are currently occupying your driveway, garage, or lawn. Many smaller vehicles can also find comfortable storage in our ground-level, drive up units. These warehouse style storage spaces offer you the same kind of room you’d find in a garage, available to you for month-to-month rental today.

RV & Boat Storage

Recreational vehicles can be a true delight, whether it’s a boat, a car, a bike, or an RV, these vehicles often represent your passion in life, your free time, but they can be tedious to keep stored. Many such vehicles only see use a few months out of a year, and spend the rest of the year taking up space in or around your home. Collector cars, bikes, boats, and small trailers can all fit in your garage, so why not store them in a garage-sized storage unit? You can even keep other things in the same place. Hypothetically, if you had a small room’s worth of furniture, and wished to store a motorcycle, you could get one medium sized storage unit to keep both your motorcycle and your furniture side-by-side, just like you would in your own garage.

With 24/7 access, there is no reason to fuss or worry. Say the weather forecast changes, and you decide you want to take your boat or RV out that day, but do not want to wait for us to open. No problem, you can drive right up and get your boat at any time. Month-to-month leasing means that if you decide to keep your RV out for the summer, or your bike, or your boat, then you are free to enjoy your time out in the sun with no hesitation. Your vehicles are yours, and you should always have access to them. We are a secure and fully insured facility, so you can rest easy leaving even valuable vehicles with us, because at the end of the day, your belongings will always be valuable to you, whether it is a priceless collector car, or a humble town car you have kept care of for many years, it will be safe with us.

Vehicle storage options are available at both our Beaver Ruin and Atlantic Boulevard locations.